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The Groovy Smoothie

iCarly: A Kid's Show with Handcuffs

The Groovy Smoothie- an iCarly community
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iCarly: A Kid's Show. With Handcuffs
Welcome to The Groovy Smoothie!

Welcome! This a fan community for the Teen Nick show iCarly. Created by author_abz and jannika, the Groovy Smoothie is meant to be a place for older iCarly fans to come talk about the show, post fanfiction, graphics, and more. This is pretty much an anything goes community, as long as it's related to iCarly. Have a crazy random thought about some plot point? Post it. News about any member of the cast? Go for it. Want to discuss Freddie's mom issues or Spencer's possible porn career?(it was a discussion on this on a personal LJ that prompted this community's opening)Awesome. Made some screencaps or a fanmix or something else cool? Share! Have a fic you want to post, but it's adult/some crazy ship? Please do. Just make use of warnings, LJ cuts, and some common sense.

We know that people are shipping just about every possible combination of the four main characters, and we're cool with that. We accept and encourage all ships here. Variety is a good thing. There are however, a few rules. Just to make life easier for everyone.


· Please tag your posts properly :-)

· Play nice. Since we accept all ships, there are probably going to be things that you don't agree with. Telling people how much you hate their ship is lame and will not be tolerated. Kay? Also, dicussion is good, a little debate is fine, fighting is not.

· If your fic/graphic/thought/whatever is adult in nature, we're going to have to ask you to friends lock it. Mostly because of LJ's rules.

· As far as posts go, read this post first, before posting, but here are the basic things:

What's acceptable to post:
-Any news or discussions involving the show/website/cast/crew.
-Fanfic, fanart, icons, picspams, and any other type of fan work.
-Announcements about other iCarly comms, websites, and fandom resources beyond the Groovy Smoothie.
-Member introduction posts.

What's not acceptable to post:
-Separate posts addressed to or calling out other members (including Dan) or situations within the comm specifically. Take it to PM or email, or keep it in the comments of the original post.
-Posts that could be viewed as disrespectful toward other ships, other people, other networks, other opinions, other beliefs, or any other "other." If you feel like you have to preface your post with "I know this could be opening a can of worms" - don't..
-Posts that link to illegally uploaded episodes or any sort of pirated material. This is an important one, gang.
-Multiple episode discussion posts on the day of an episode premiere. We'll post an official episode discussion, with the summary and premiere info included, an hour before each new episode, and all general discussion should be kept there.
-Off-topic discussions, pimping of non-iCarly-related websites and material, and other forms of spamming.

That's about it. Come in, have fun, make some friends, talk about iCarly, drink a smoothie.

"You people have ruined this show for me! Like I use to notice little innuendo here and there but now it's so blatant to me that all I think is "I wonder what groovysmoothie's going to say about that"!!
I wouldn't have it any other way :D"


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*The Groovy Smoothie is in no way affliated with iCarly, Nickelodeon or Dan Schneider(Well, actually, we kind of are. He's a member here. We're awesome like that). We still own nothing at all though.

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